Finally a new page!

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It’s here! It’s here! Sorry that it took me ages to make it. I needed to find new inspiration and relax for a while… and I decided to change style of the pages. But it is for the better, isnt’t it.

Please enjoy our hero with shining eyes!



And in case you missed latest chibi extras, whole collection is here:

rodina dd b03c6a4fc4744d1eafa94f800147c059


There will be more of them soon!


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Hello there!

Hello readers,
what is your summer like?

There is actually nothing new, but I felt that I should step out and say hello once again. So here it is: Hello! *Lys steps from the background and waves at you*

And now the important stuff you probably want to know:
When will be the next comic page?
Let’s be honest: I don’t know and I can’t promise anything.

I can just imagine you screaming and crying in front of the screen: Whyyyy! Why are you doing this to us! We want more comic pages!

*sigh* The truth is that as my school turned more and more hardcore in April, May and June, I lost energy and became too depressed to do anything. I actually burnt out.
I tried to overcome it and continue to work, but it only changed to worse. In July I realized that there is no easy way to skip the healing process and I changed my comics to irregular updates.
It is better now, I can draw and doodle random pictures without any certain plan or ambitions. But when I try to force myself to do something scheduled like comic pages or writing a story, it still feels like my head is going to explode. I am trying to draw, actually, but most of the time I end up painfully staring at paper or screen.
So please, be patient. I’ll do another page as soon as it will be possible. I still love my comics, and I am willing to continue on the story!

If you want to help me, or somehow support me – you can follow me on Patreon 
I changed the setting to support per comic page since I am not able to work regularly. It probably won’t help to heal my burn out, but it would be nice to see that there is someone for whom is my work important.

In the meantime, please enjoy my doodles from first four months of this year:

daily_doodles_2014_1_by_lysandr_a-d7pl182 daily_doodles_2014_2_by_lysandr_a-d7w6gqx 2014-3 2014-4

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