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  • How does it work? 

I opened an account at Patreon
If you want to support me, you can decide to sent me a little amount of money every month. (Every dollar counts, really. I would be very grateful.)
There will always be regular comic updates, but only at Patreon you can see art sneak-peaks, sketches even if you don’t become a patron yet! Just register at this site and click at the button “follow” at the top-right part of the page.

  • What will you get by becoming a patron? (It depends on the amount of support.)


  • Cat lady diary - photos of my magnificient beast every week.
  • Thematic illustration every week - you choose the theme
  • Fanservice poster - two of them every month (man and woman)
  • Chibi comission of your character 
  • Full digital portrait of your character

The Patreon is not about “selling” the work, but about allowing me to do the things I already do! And about letting me spend more time on the webcomic.
If you support me – I would be very grateful. If you don’t (whatever the reasons are) – no problem. Just follow me there, so you won’t miss the bonuses and sketchew which are free!

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Page 10

And it`s here. What exactly is here?

Will the tarnen finally kill Salm? Will he reveal the mystery of his past? Will finally a woman appear in this comic?!

You may see on the 10th comic page:


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Page 9 is online

Hello readers!

Sorry about this page, it is few hours late. I was travelling yesterday a lot and was too exhausted at the end of the day to finish it on time.

But it is now here. Enjoy!


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A delayed page

EDIT: I apologize, my time schedule is still too busy. I didn’t manage to draw the page. So the next will be on monday.


Sorry, I am too busy with some project at my work, so the page will be late. I`ll finish it until 12th March.

Have a nice day!

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