You know what is terrible?

The terrible thing is my lack of will. I succeed in finishing the first year of my studies, but I still can’t get together my time schedule. And still not enough time for drawing comics. I don’t want to switch to irregular updates officially, because it would corrupt my will even more, but please, be patient.

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Too much school – no page this week (edit)

Edit 9.6.2014: I have passed all of the exams! Six exams in three days! And that is all for this semester, isn’t it wonderful? (Just some minor work to solve, but nothing dramatic at the moment.)

The worse thing is, that I am tired to death. I am too tired to wash the dishes, and if I had to finish the page today, it would be just stick figures. Sorry. I feel like the worst author ever, but the page won’t be done today. And probably not tomorrow, I need to visite my family, since I abandoned them for last three weeks. (Because of school.) I am really sorry. The page will be as soon as possible.


Sorry, my exam period has started and I am too busy with studying. I wanted to draw the page this evening, but then I realised that I a have two major exams today and will get home about 11 pm and won`t have almost any time tomorrow.

And next week will be even worse with another five exams. I guess I`ll try to make the page through week and bring it to you in time next monday.

Sorry, there is some compensation for that:



(And yes – this character will be in the comics. Her name is Ignea. Salm has already mentioned her.)

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Page 14

This page was published without proof-reading. If there are any mistakes, please, let me know!


Salm… stop it, you. We are all glad that you survived, but enough is enough!

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