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  • How does it work? 

I opened an account at Patreon
If you want to support me, you can decide to sent me a little amount of money every month. (Every dollar counts, really. I would be very grateful.)
There will always be regular comic updates, but only at Patreon you can see art sneak-peaks, sketches even if you don’t become a patron yet! Just register at this site and click at the button “follow” at the top-right part of the page.

  • What will you get by becoming a patron? (It depends on the amount of support.)


  • Cat lady diary - photos of my magnificient beast every week.
  • Thematic illustration every week - you choose the theme
  • Fanservice poster - two of them every month (man and woman)
  • Chibi comission of your character 
  • Full digital portrait of your character

The Patreon is not about “selling” the work, but about allowing me to do the things I already do! And about letting me spend more time on the webcomic.
If you support me – I would be very grateful. If you don’t (whatever the reasons are) – no problem. Just follow me there, so you won’t miss the bonuses and sketchew which are free!

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Page 10

And it`s here. What exactly is here?

Will the tarnen finally kill Salm? Will he reveal the mystery of his past? Will finally a woman appear in this comic?!

You may see on the 10th comic page:


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Page 9 is online

Hello readers!

Sorry about this page, it is few hours late. I was travelling yesterday a lot and was too exhausted at the end of the day to finish it on time.

But it is now here. Enjoy!


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So here is a blog

If you are following this webcomic for some time, you probably must have noticed that I am not a blog person.

But I think that making a webcomic comes with making a blog about it. Or about life. Or anything. With a blog you know that I am a living person, not some art stealer or a robot throwing images around itself and I can chitchat with whole world about anything I want.
And that is the problem. The whole world (may be or may be not) listening.

Do you know the joke about a man who wanted to have a pub, but he desperately hated humans?  (The czech people probably would know it thanks to Jára Cimrman.) I sometimes feel like him. Except that I don’t hate humans (I love my friends), I just avoid to share personal things with them on the internet.

I wasn’t like this all the time. I used to have a blog when I was a teenager. I wrote there a lot, shared a lot of my ideas and experiences, wrote about my daily routine. I didn’t tell about it to anyone I knew personally. And one day I overslept at my friend’s home, I couldn’t sleep because her cd player had stucked in a loop and the bzeep bzeep sound kept me awake for the most of the night.
I slept on the top part of the bunk so if I went down I would wake her up. (And waking people up is one of the things I hate most to do.) So I rather let her sleep and I was to shy and embarassed in the morning to tell her.
But I wrote about it on the blog.
My, my… of course she found my blog and this article by accident and she came to me like “Why didn’t you wake me up! Why didn’t you tell me?!”
And that was the moment when I realised that everything you write on the internet can read anyone. Even the people who you don’t want to know about it. Especially these people.
So this is the reason why I don’t like writing personal stuff on the internet. (This and the stalker I used to have, but it is a funny story for another time.)

The important thing to say is that I really like reading blogs on webcomics to see how the artists are living, even if I don’t know them personally.
And I think you would like to read something like that too.
I always think about my readers as my friends. And as I said earlier, I love my friends.

Have a nice day!

- Lys

p.s. I changed the website today a little, so if you want to comment, there is a Disqus comment system now.
And added some new images:

motivational_poster_for_kabka_by_lysandr_a-d74x5dz chibi_sash_for_uinn_by_lysandr_a-d771fai badass_vrr_for_luciusdeadfish_by_lysandr_a-d74x5iy

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Happy New Year 2014!

Hello, readers, I wish you all best to the year 2014!

Last year was very productive for me and this webcomic. The Forsaken chapter was finished, I made a new wallpaper and I succeeded in making Daily Doodles for a year!

You can see compilation of all of them here:

daily_doodles_2013_1_by_lysandr_a-d5vuirc daily_doodles_2013_2_by_lysandr_a-d5wx0it daily_doodles_2013_3_by_lysandr_a-d62qlem daily_doodles_2013_4_by_lysandr_a-d64oo0s daily_doodles_2013_5_by_lysandr_a-d6f5qyd daily_doodles_2013_6_by_lysandr_a-d6lx25e daily_doodles_2013_7_by_lysandr_a-d6lx50h daily_doodles_2013_8_by_lysandr_a-d6lx9pe daily_doodles_2013_9_by_lysandr_a-d6s658b daily_doodles_2013_10_by_lysandr_a-d6uqqmo daily_doodles_2013_11_by_lysandr_a-d6zukfq daily_doodles_2013_12_by_lysandr_a-d5vuirc


Happy new year for you all!

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Chibi picture winners & new round

Here are the chibies for winners Uinn a Wampera!

2013-12-6 2013-12-7


And it is time to announce another round of the free chibi contest!

I will draw you a chibi picture!

Seriously. And I don’t want anything for it .

How does it work ?

Send me a question on my ask here: write me a note what chibi character you want.

I need to know what the character looks like, so I need to ask you to send me a picture of the character - just link to an image (or more images) of the character! ( It it is your original character, please write down the information about the colour of his/her hair, eyes, etc.)

From the incoming suggestions I will chose one, which I will draw. The amount of suggestions per person is not limited! Do you have more than one favourite character? Feel free to send me more suggestions.

The suggestions can be sent anonymously. If you send a suggestion without a picture of the character – I’ll delete it, so please, don’t forget!

The chibi, I’ll draw for you, will look like this:


Coloured figure without a background.

The suggestions may be sent until the midnight of Sunday, 8th of December.

I’ll try to sum it up once more: Write a note into a question on my Ask , pick one character and include a picture of the character. I’ll choose one of the suggestions, the others will be deleted.

Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t win – there will by another chance soon!

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