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Can our tarnen stand against a huge man with an axe?

…I love the expressions of the two in the last panel :-D


Aeltarnen = new name of this comic! + worldbuilding

I haven`t changed the appearance of this site yet, I will let the logo stay for a while and it will be a lot of work to change everything. But it is called Aeltarnen from now.

Aparently, I am really bad at making names:

I started making this comic in 2003 and it was available only in my first language – Czech.
I started to work on a new English version about a year ago and it seemed natural to only translate the original czech name: “World without a name”

But – as I have been realising for a year – it doesn’t work well in English. It is too long, it has an article in it (which is really confusing when articles don’t exist in your language at all) and many other creators have named their work almost the same. Or exactly the same.

Today was the last drop. I have finally learned how to properly use tags and the dilema (whether I should use tags “world without name” “world without a name” or what) broke me. I thought that “wwn” would be a solution, but it is also used for “world wide news” and i can’t compete with that. I need something unique.

Why Aeltarnen? What does it mean?

  • it is completely unique, I will change the name of the main website too
  • the main hero is an aeltarnen
    ael = half, tarnen = dark elf
  • and it actually describes his story and it’s main aspects too

Yeah, here we go. It will take time for me to get used to it too.

Please feel free to use tag #aeltarnen when posting anything connected with this comic on tumblr! I’ll be tracking it so I won’t miss anything you would like to say!

I have became fond of tumblr in last weeks. If you have one, feel free to follow!

And some worldbuilding – because there were questions on tumblr:

So this question appeared in my inbox (thank you sunsinourhands!) and I think that more people would like to see the answer. And if you have any other questions, please ask me!

What are the drow like in your comic? Are there any major differences between them and those shown in roleplaying universes? (Pathfinder, DnD, etc)

I don’t think that the differences are so huge.
My dark elves are called the tarnen, they have eyes without the whites (only full color).
They live underground (their domain is called Shaekanaris), see in the dark and have a matriarchy and a slavery.
So the basics are probably the same.
The difference is in the legend behind:
My world belongs to humans. The elves (elsia – all the tribes of elves together) came into this world as refugees, because their own world was destroyed by sarchs (which are called spider elves by humans). They closed the gates (cut off the sarchs in the original world) and tried to conquer the new land already inhabited by humans.
The original tribes of elves were based on elements plus light and dark:
ariar – elves of fire (red hair)
laerin – elves of water (blue hair)
gilnea – elves of land (brown or green hair)
vaeria – elves of air (gray hair)
irsilia – elves of light(light skin, silver of black hair)
trillin – elves of darkness (dark skin, dark hair)
The wars with humans went for decades and after some political strugles, the tribes of vaeria decided to leave the main group (they have been gone until nowadays), and also the trillin left.
The trillin were really loyal to each other, they had democracy and they elected their leader, but somehow the sarch found a way to enter this world and since they specialize in mind magic, they attacked one abandoned group of trillins and controlled their leaders. The sarch made a new race – tarnen – who are actually half breed between sarch and trillin. There are still normal, kind trillin in this world, but they are really rare to see.
The new race - tarnen – can be born with abilities of sarch (mind control), but they try to let this abilities go only in the ruling family (Dharen’Dar).
The first halfbreed (Shanae Nashar) later died, but her daughters are rulling the Shaekanaris now and they made a cult around their mother’s name. (And since in this world the gods are made by their believers, Shanae Nashar got the power and she is actually a really strong godess now.) But still the main power behind it are the mind controlling sarchs.

That’s pretty interesting! What do the sarchs look like? What do they want?

Elsia (all of the elves) and sarchs were created in the original world (called Esteria). The world was ruled by two entities - the Creator (impersonating life, creativity, light) and the Destructor (death, destruction, darkness). The Creator made whole world with plants, animals and then he made the highest of creations – elsia (each tribe for each element forming this world as I wrote before). The elsia were able to master their element and create more new things with it.

The Destructor became jealous and he also wanted his agents of destruction. So he stole some of the creatures of this world and twisted them into his own tribe – the sarchs.
The sarchs were successful in destroying the original world. It is now their own base – they call it Ladonia, and their ruler is a collective mind called The Twelve. The sarchs are connected to each other in their minds, each of them has their own personality, but at some level The Twelve are always present in their conscious.
The Twelve take orders from The Destructor and their goal is to corrupt as many worlds as possible. They don`t want to destroy them now, just to secretly rule and to use the other races as tools. So “the world without a name” is just another one in the whole amount of worlds they examine and try to spoil.

The sarchs are really rare to meet. (There may be about ten of them in the whole world!) Since they invented the network of servants (the tarnen, who are quite independent,) the sarchs only need to come once in a time to the tarnen queen and say their demands. The tarnen will usually work this out independently.

Of course that the tarnen became a powerful arrogant race and they are really insulted by the behaviour of sarchs! The tarnen don’t feel like anyone`s servants. They hate and fear sarchs, but they are controlled by the mind magic, that`s the only reason why they are still listening them. There was revolt many times in Shaekanaris, but it was suppressed every time.

Since the tarnens are half-breed of sarch and trillin, they can inherit the mind-control power. The queen has this abilities and her daughters also – this is the reason why the matriarchy is so important! The mind-control power inheritance. The ruling family (Dharen`Dar) selects children to carefully avoid posibility of appearing this ability in other tarnen families. The children with this powers have usually white eyes. So white-eyed boys from the ruling famly are killed and the other families are ordered to kill all of their white-eyed children – or to give them as servants to the ruling family.

The ruling family (Dharen`Dar) is somehow able to avoid the effects of sarchs mind control, so their cooperation with them is very diplomatic. They will try to get rid of the sarchs in the future – probably – but they don`t have enough power now.

The Tarnen are a really unfriendly race – they are terrible to each other and they feel superior over the other races. They think that they should rule the world. They fight with the nations of the surface, they steal the humans (and other races) as slaves. Really, really unfriendly folks.

But – this is caused by education and training of the noble tarnen. The middle class and slaves (majority of the slaves in Shaekanaris are tarnen too) can act completely different. There are some tarnen on the surface (there are many reasons why they had to leave Shaekanaris – political struggle, their family was killed, or they just want to trade, etc.) and they can cope with humans. Not usually smoothly, but they can. It really depends on the nature and position of the dark elf.

But humans and elves are usually racist (for understandable reasons) and it is usually hard for the “human friendly” tarnen to stay alive up there. (If the escaped tarnen slave is really unlucky, he/she can be killed by scared humans very quickly. So usually the tarnens, who were able to stay alive up there, are good fighters. It is not becase ALL tarnens are good fighters. The survivors are.)

Sometimes the tarnen are expelled from Shaekanaris by force and they are marked with white tattoo. The reasons for this expelling can be different – they believe in godess Ilidia (she is supporter of race equality and peace among races), or the tarnen was noble, but it was not acceptable to kill him and this marking is worse than death. (When a tarnen see a white-marked tarnen, it is a signal to kill him!) So usually the white-marked dark elves are “human-friendly” (they believe in equality, or they just don`t have another option to survive than to get along with humans). Some people know it and they let the white-marked tarnens be.

Even if the tarnen is human-friendly, he/she is still a dark elf. Breeding with sarchs made them little different from the “normal” elves. Tarnens are stronger, they can endure much more then humans or elves, and they are very temperamental, which leads to their agresivity, they usually have little patience. It is quite hard for them to cope with their emotions or rage. (This is the reason why the society in Shaekanaris is too tough and strict. They have to control all this rage.)

So even if a human is a friend with a tarnen, he usually stay aware of their friend`s moods and behaviour. You know, you don`t want to accidentally insult someone who is stronger and more impulsive than you.

Finally a new page!

It’s here! It’s here! Sorry that it took me ages to make it. I needed to find new inspiration and relax for a while… and I decided to change style of the pages. But it is for the better, isnt’t it.

Please enjoy our hero with shining eyes!



And in case you missed latest chibi extras, whole collection is here:

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Hello there!

Hello readers,
what is your summer like?

There is actually nothing new, but I felt that I should step out and say hello once again. So here it is: Hello! *Lys steps from the background and waves at you*

And now the important stuff you probably want to know:
When will be the next comic page?
Let’s be honest: I don’t know and I can’t promise anything.

I can just imagine you screaming and crying in front of the screen: Whyyyy! Why are you doing this to us! We want more comic pages!

*sigh* The truth is that as my school turned more and more hardcore in April, May and June, I lost energy and became too depressed to do anything. I actually burnt out.
I tried to overcome it and continue to work, but it only changed to worse. In July I realized that there is no easy way to skip the healing process and I changed my comics to irregular updates.
It is better now, I can draw and doodle random pictures without any certain plan or ambitions. But when I try to force myself to do something scheduled like comic pages or writing a story, it still feels like my head is going to explode. I am trying to draw, actually, but most of the time I end up painfully staring at paper or screen.
So please, be patient. I’ll do another page as soon as it will be possible. I still love my comics, and I am willing to continue on the story!

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